What made me believe in multimags?

Now I know that you can’t lump all magnetizers together.
A spectacular challenge with 30.000 USD at stake offers a powerful argument that made all magnetizer skeptics feel rather uneasy and convinced many experts that MULTIMAGS are nothing like other magnetizers. 

In a trial study organized by Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland’s largest daily newspaper), in cooperation with FIETZ, an authorized service center of Toyota’s and the Diagnostic Station of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association, a multimag was fitted on a 1000 cc TOYOTA YARIS. Conclusions from the trial were straightforward: after 60 hours of driving, HC emission at low engine speed was as low as 2ppm, and CO emission was 0.00 percent. Thus, combustion performance was perfect, at a level unattainable even for new vehicles (...). Fuel consumption dropped by approx. 15% (Gazeta Wyborcza, Auto Info No. 45/216).

Dr inż. Janusz Niedziela, manager of the Motor Vehicle Forensic Bureau in Tychy, Poland, wrote in MOTOR weekly (No. 6/2003): „As a court-accredited motor vehicle expert and a researcher at the Silesian University of Technology, I really wanted to verify the claims of the manufacturer of multimags. Multimags were installed on two passenger cars: a Land Rover Discovery 2.5 tdi and an Audi A6 2.5 tdi with MTM chip tuning. In both vehicles multimags generated significant fuel savings: 16% in the Land Rover, and 12.0% in the Audi”

Bogdan Godlewski, winner of the Polish edition of Drivers’ Fuel Challenge and owner of Engine Diagnostics Laboratory in Toruń, Poland, wrote: “I have tried various magnetizers on as many as four occasions. I was not happy with devices of three different manufacturers. Only the fourth one, the MULTIMAG, passed the test with such results that convinced me to have it installed in my car.

In my OPEL Astra II with a Z 12XE 16V 75 KM engine and Bosch Motronic M1.5.5 fuel injection I’ve achieved major fuel savings. Urban cycle consumption has dropped by 12.38%, whereas at 90, 100 and 120 km/h savings have been as huge as 19.38%. I recommend multimags to my customers.”

The manager of OPEL service station in Poznań, Poland, saw multimags in my OPEL Astra III and said: I also chose these devices for my car, and so did my colleagues. On the basis of our own trials and customers’ opinions we are sure that they perform well in every car, which is why we advertise for them in our showroom. We demonstrate the benefits of multimags to our customers in a quarter of an hour, based on exhaust gas analyses. As customers come back for regular checkups, they will proudly report fuel savings and more powerful performance. And seeing clean sparking plugs, even in cars with greater mileages, we know that chamber combustion is much more efficient.

I fully support the above opinion. In my Astra, making some 4000 km per month, I’ve observed a similar phenomenon for a couple of years. Fuel savings are accompanied by more powerful performance. (Google, keyword: magnetyzery. Forumsamochodowe.pl magnetyzery – czy warto kupić? ) 

ATTENTION! Please do not mistake MULTIMAG activators for neodymium magnetizers offered in the internet or at second hand car exchanges. The effect of those magnetizers does not exceed measurement errors.
MULTIMAG ensures fuel savings from 15% to 20%, more powerful vehicle performance and extended lifetime of the engine and the catalytic converter. Such benefits are already enjoyed not only by drivers in Poland, but also in Canada, Australia and many European countries.
For 20 years we have given our clients a written money back guarantee if the declared effects are not achieved!!!

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